25 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Booking Air Travel

Homeschool Travel Tips

If you are interested in giving your child a worldschool experience, one that is not bound by four walls a city, a state, a country, or a continent, here are a few travel tips to help in your research. These are especially relevant for international flying. They do, however, work for domestic travel as well.

25 Questions Yourself Before Booking Air Travel

The answers to the below questions will affect your costs

  • Who is the carrier and does it matter?
  • Is it a big carrier who is also using a regional carrier?
  • What days do you want to travel?
  • What time of day are you leaving and arriving? Pay attention to time zone and full day changes.
  • What is the travel season in your departing city?
  • What is the travel season in your destination city? Peak, high, low, or slow?
  • Should you just book two one-ways?
  • Are you traveling non-stop?
  • If you have connections, how many connections are there?
  • Will you make your connections if there is a delay?
  • If you have a connecting flight, how much time will you be on layover?
  • If your layover is overnight, where will you stay?
  • Will you be up to getting on and off the plane and waiting for your next flight? Will your travel companions?
  • Is your flight refundable?
  • Are you allowed to pick your own seat?
  • Do you get to pick your seat at the same time you make your reservation?
  • What are the luggage rules for your rate class?
  • Is there free food service for long haul/international flights?
  • Is there free beverage service outside of water for long haul/international flights? Super side eye to British Airways….
  • Are you booking through a 3rdparty site? If so, who are you paying, the site or do they take you to the airline’s website for direct booking?
  • Can you get the price cheaper if you make some changes to any of the above choices when picking your flight?
  • Do you want to make changes to any of the above in order to lower your price?
  • Is your end goal the absolute cheapest price or the lowest cost that has everything you would like in your flying experience?
  • Are you comparing apples to apples or apples to oranges? Price will always be dependent upon the above listed questions. If the price is different, but the dates or travel season or time of day are different, you are not comparing apples to apples.
  • Have you talked to anyone in the travel industry about the price?

Free Travel Research Sites

Some free sites to consider for research purposes. I always encourage going directly to the website after visiting these sites:

Google Flights. Google flights is a got base whether or not you choose to go to another site to book after you manipulate the dates in Google’s system. I would highly recommend using it to begin any research.

SkipLagged.com. I like this site because you can simply type in your city of origin and travel to “anywhere,” and it will populate possible destinations for you. This is not a feature that is available on all research sites.

Travelocity.com. I primarily use them for hotel research, because they have an easy to use system with great filters. After going to their site, I then go to the actual hotel website to book. It’s usually cheaper. When it is not, it’s a matter of a $1 to $3 difference. I am more comfortable booking directly, because if I have a problem with my reservation, it is easier to deal with the actual hotel than a third-party and the hotel.

Expedia.com. I use this site for the same purpose as Travelocity, however,  I prefer Travelocity because of it’s clean, not overwhelming set-up. There truly is such a thing as information overload.

Subscription Sites and Apps

Out of personal preference, I do not endorse subscription services for finding flights. I believe with enough legwork and time, you can find the deals on your own. Thus, this post is based upon you doing your own research. If a travel subscription is something you would like to try out, however, here are some options:

SkyHi– They also have an app.

Skift– They also have an app.

FinalPrice– This is the link to their app.


Airline Specific Subscription Services

United- Economy Plus Subscription 

United- Baggage Subscription

Spirit Airline $9 Fare Club

Frontier Airline Discount Den

DISCLAIMER: The information listed in the free and subscription resources is subject to change at any given moment. Always do your research.

Tips and Information on Flying Basic Economy

American Airlines– from The Points Guy

American Airlines– from American’s site

United Airlines

Tips on Seat Selection

Seat Guru

A Quick Tip. If you want room between you and travel companion during a long haul/international flight, depending upon the airplane’s configuration, you can skip a seat when you make your selection. Also, keep in mind bathroom breaks and whether you want to be disturbed if you’re sleeping, or you want to disturb someone else or suffer if s/he is sleeping, when choosing your seat.

Another Great General Resource for Air Travel

The Points Guy

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