Big List of Resources

Master Resource List

Below is a list of some traditional publishers, virtual products, curricula buying co-ops, and extracurricular opportunities to help get you “unstuck.” If you are going the pre-made curriculum route, I highly suggest Cathy Duffy Reviews as you begin your search. Further, if you have any questions about any of the recommendations, please do not hesitate to ask. This is a dynamic document. It is designed solely to get you started or to give you ideas to get over a hump.

Overall Curriculum Reviews

Cathy Duffy Reviews

On-line Purchasing Co-op

Homeschool Buyers Co-op

Spiritual Studies

Apologia Spiritual Studies

Veritas Bible

Black History

HBCU: The Study of Historically Black Colleges & Universities, by Nicole Huffman and James Davis

Penning the Perfect Paragraph: Black History Beyond Black History Month for Kids Edition, by Nicole Huffman and James Davis

We create our own history curriculum. I purchased a lot of material on Amazon, found some great YouTube videos, hands-on learning, and we travel extensively.

English, Language Arts, Reading

Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW)

Explode the Code

Memoria Press

Reading Assistant

Wordly Wise

Touch, Type, Read, and Spell



Grammar and Writing by Curtis Hake

McGovern-Stella Link Public Library


Apologia Science


Reflex Math


Singapore Math


Khan Academy

Social Studies

Kids Discover

Who Was Book Series for Kids

Foreign Languages

Song School Greek

Latin- Memoria Press

Flip Flop Spanish

Bandele School of Languages English, Spanish, Swahili

Whole Curriculum- Hard copy


Whole Curriculum- On-line

Easy Peasy

Extracurricular Activities and Group Learning


Sessions Music- Voice and Instrument Training

Houston Piano School- Piano and Voice

Monart Houston- Art Classes

CHSA- Sports

Urban Chef- Cooking Classes for Children

Home Education Partnership of Texas

Trinity Classical School

Houston Baptist University Homeschool Academy

Health Museum- Group Learning

Museum of Natural Science- Group Learning

Homeschool and Beyond- Group Classes at the Museum of Natural Science

Testing Services

Houston Black Homeschoolers- We provide standardized testing and group study opportunities for the Stanford, IOWA, and CAT. We offer group study only for ACT and CLEP prep.

Academic Excellence– May purchase tests and then be tested by HBH if you want your child to have a paper test experience or test on-line.

Seton Testing Services– May purchase tests and then be tested by HBH if you want your child to have a paper test experience or test on-line.